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What is PyDO?

PyDO is a Object-Relational database access tool. Unlike many other O-R database access tools, PyDO:
  • doesn't constrain your schema to what it thinks databases should look like
  • if you need/want to override the way it does it's work, it's not a major surgical effort
  • has tools that will, given a database connection (for Oracle and PostgreSQL anyway) can do a lot of the work for you in writing your data classes
  • like any good tool, makes the easy stuff a no-brainer and makes the harder things easier too
  • works with more than one database (currently Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL, but others are definitely possible)
  • is easy to figure out how it works and when it does things so that you won't piss off your DB admin.
For more details, see the documentation.

Download it!

03-15-2005 A new version of PyDO is under development.

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