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SkunkWeb, invented by Drew Csillag and now also hacked on by Jacob Smullyan is an extensible, scalable and easy to use application server written in Python.

The Pitch

Uses Python
  • Python is easy to learn for both new programmers and experts alike
  • senior programmer types like it too (vs. say tcl)
  • extensible with C/C++ for speed and/or linkage to C/C++ libraries via static *or* dynamic linking
  • Relatively simple extension API
  • can easily handle authentication, url building/parsing and custom tags
Encourages component based design
  • more than just "include"
  • not just another ASP/JSP like thing
  • a powerful templating language
  • encouraged by caching options (see below)
  • component output can be either HTML or Python objects
  • can write components in either STML or Python
  • can also call components on other skunk servers
Message Catalogs
  • makes multi-lingual sites much easier
  • support variable substitution in messages
  • templates are compiled to Python bytecode
  • extensive caching (to disk and optionally memory) of:
    • compiled forms of templates
    • digested message catalogs
    • output of components
    • python modules and python components
  • cache *is* sharable between machines if using a shared filesystem! (can be more than one shared filesystem for speed, redundancy and flexibility)
  • caching is flexible and as finite as your disk space
  • components can be rendered after the response is sent if a slightly stale version is available --- resulting in better response times
  • extensive documentation available in HTML, PostScript, PDF & text (ok, not yet, but getting there fast)
  • have automatic documentation tools to generate documentation for STML templates and python modules (python components coming soon) as well as tools for writing manuals.

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(smell the power!)