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Package pydo

PyDO (Python Data Objects) is an object-relational wrapper for
relational databases.  It provides a convenient API for retrieving and
manipulating data without constraining in any way how the data is
persisted at the RDBMS level.  Supported databases are:

   * postgresql
   * mysql
   * sqlite
   * mssql
   * oracle

  • base
  • dbi
  • dbtypes: The dbtypes module contains generic type wrapper classes for values passed into PyDO, to provide type information useful into marshalling the data into SQL according to the intended datatype.
  • drivers
    • mssqlconn: PyDO driver for mssql, using the ADO adapter.
    • mysqlconn: PyDO driver for MySQL, using the MySQLdb driver.
    • oracleconn
    • psycopgconn: PyDO driver for PostgreSQL, using the psycopg driver.
    • sqliteconn: PyDO driver for sqlite, using the pysqlite adapter.
  • exceptions
  • field
  • guesscache
  • log
  • multifetch
  • operators: This module permits a useful subset of SQL where clauses to be defined with a Lispo-Pythonic syntax:
  • utils: utility functions imported by other PyDO modules.

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